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Care about issues in Northern Uganda? This gives the story of nodding victims. Sad!

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

For a typical 12-year-old who should be the picture of health: physical, overly playful, full of energy, noisy and mobile, Nancy Lamwaka is the opposite. She is skinny, malnourished, hungry, profoundly retarded and immobile.

With the help of a guide, we approached a simple home composed of two huts in Labul sub-county, Pader district. One of the huts functions as the kitchen. The environment is calm, dominated by tall mango trees. The loudest noise here came from the cocks crowing a good morning to a village that has attracted world attention because of a mysterious disease yet to have a medical name, let alone explanation.

We are ushered in and given wooden seats as Michael Odongkara, Lamwaka’s father, walks back into the living hut. Moments later, he re-emerges with a girl, half naked, pale, looking tired and with her legs tied together. Her eyes are evidently dreading the day ahead.

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Nodding Victim in Uganda: Tormented 12-year-old girl lives in pain

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By Echwalu Photography

Nodding Victim: Tormented 12-year-old girl lives like pigs.

Lunch in Westlands…Tamu Sana!!!

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When I got home a few months ago (Ok – so these posts are May- Nov overdue) my good friend Lulu took us to Lunch at Bandari Plaza in Westlands. The whole floor had a food court but I settled for Tamu Tamu Dishes.

Tamu Tamu Dishes @ Bandari Plaza

The selection is fantastic - everything looks so good and because it stays busy, the food is super fresh

Friends plate

Chit chatting with the staff as my plate gets loaded

BOOM!! Chapati, fried fish, beans (I think they were coconut flavored too), spinach, freshly ground pili pili....for about $3

I’m going going, back back to AFRICA!

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Yup – all in the name of graduate school, isn’t education a beautiful thing 🙂
I’ll be Uganda based on a service project with Heifer International so look out for lot’s of Matoke and peanut sauce kinda pictures.

I’ll still update this blog for foodie kinda adventures, to find out more of why I’m in Uganda, if I success to milk a cow and more please visit http://www.miminuganda.com



Foodie hits the Islands – Jamaica & Haiti

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My BFF & I set to see on a 5-Day Royal Caribbean Cruise, with Labadee Haiti & Falmouth Jamaica as our port of call.

The pictures don’t do any justice to how much food I saw & ate on the cruise…..it’s plent, yummy and available 24hrs for 5 days – my last meal for breakfast was fruits! I didn’t even have any space for a cup of tea.

This I found out while on the cruise:

1. Haiti is BEAUTIFUL – and 90% of the Haitians on the island looked like my luhya relatives


2. Curry oxtail. Rice & beans. Plantain. Rum punch <– Highlight of my day in Jamaica

3. You can be best of friends with strangers you are stuck with at sea for 5 days

4. The DJ on the cruise can play the same set of music EVERYDAY (minus 1hr of a MJ Tribute) and put up signs like this…and not care because it’s not like you can get into a car and go somewhere else, or cross the street to another bar. Nope! Oh, and the DJ can also turn off the music to let people know “there is no drinking on the daance floor”.

5. The cruise staff come from all over the world. It felt like a little UN country.

6. It’s possible to have rice included in your breakfast, lunch and dinner – EVERYDAY!

I’ve got to get going – school calls. When I get time again I’ll finish off with a part 2.

Lastly – here is a mkokoteni in Jamaica!

From Scratch

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Hallo Hallo!

It’s been a while since I blogged/ posted pictures, poleni. School is beautifully busy. The best progress report is that I will be spending my summer (and hopefully most of the fall) in UGANDA = Matoke HQs. More on the work I’ll be doing soon.

I’m a huge fun of home cooked meals but in the US it becomes such a hit to have food ‘made from scratch’ e.g. chapos vs. parathas

As much as I ate out quite a few times when I was in Kenya – the best meals were those made by family and friends from scratch. Being able to “request” what I wanted – and knowing the hours it took to prepare and cook the food made it all that special. My last 2 days in Nairobi was filled with back to back home cooked meals by my Mums BFFs and my In-Laws and in true Kenyan style there were kedo 7 dishes on the table followed by tea.


Fresh from the shamba in Kakamega

Sunday afternoon BBQ

Such good food

Fresh fisss


Pilau in Mombasa

Chapos in Diani

I can wake up to this kinda breakfast anyday

Kenyatta Market Nyam Chom – for good measure!

My soon to be summer obsession: Matoke

Food & Humanity

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Hey y’all…I’m a nominee for the ‘Students in Service Awards’ (yeah, a lot of stuff happens when I am not thinking about or eating Kenyan food) – a $5,000 scholarship for yours truly + $2,500 towards my high school in Kenya + $2,500 to Clinton School service learning…your votes can get me to the top 50 finalists!

Cause: Kaimosi Girls High School

VOTE: http://www.serviceawards.org/applicant/87/Shamim_Okolloh.aspx


And then I discovered Microsoft Moviemaker…

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Kenyan Foodie is now on YOUTUBE!!!!!

Unga Lollipops

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LOL — The creative minds (aka Gado and his team) behind the XYZ Show are doing a fantastic job!